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Woodcrest Worldwide is an online church, offering messages, ministry and inspiration for those who want to know and experience God. We believe that spiritual growth can happen at any time and in any place, and we invite you to join us in our journey to discover what it means to live a life connected to God.

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What is at the center of the vision and calling of Woodcrest? What is our reason for being? What defines our assignment and catalyzes our devotion? We sum it up in three words – To Reach, Teach and Send. This … Continue reading

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Woodcrest has always desired to walk with people on their journey, to dig into the guts of life, even if it means talking about depression at Easter. We know depression is something you encounter, personally or in the lives of … Continue reading

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The spiritual life is essentially a matter of soul-development, and the soul’s progress is fundamentally determined by the condition of our heart. Spiritual growth will have ramifications on every area of our life, but the battle is won or lost … Continue reading


In the Bible we are admonished to love each other, not just for our similarities, but also for our differences. Many of those differences are evident in our personalities. In this series we’ll take a look at introverts and extroverts and why we need both personality types to reflect God in the body of Christ and in our world.



Life Expectancy

There are all kinds of promises in the Bible about God’s work amidst the hard that gives us reason for encouragement — even excitement. We’ll be talking about those reasons in our new series called Life Expectancy!

Mend Weekend

Join us as Woodcrest members  share their individual stories of life change and how the Woodcrest Mend Ministry has impacted their lives.


Close Company

This summer we’re focusing on some of those people; men and women whose lives were marked by Christ in some profound way, and whose stories have been preserved for us in the pages of the Bible.