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Woodcrest Worldwide is an online church, offering messages, ministry and inspiration for those who want to know and experience God. We believe that spiritual growth can happen at any time and in any place, and we invite you to join us in our journey to discover what it means to live a life connected to God.

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Who We Are

What is at the center of the vision and calling of Woodcrest? What is our reason for being? What defines our assignment and catalyzes our devotion? We sum it up in three words – To Reach, Teach and Send. This … Continue reading

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This Christmas we want to invite you home for the holidays. We want to remind you about the heart of the Christmas story, the core truths of what the Christmas season is all about  giving, receiving and believing. We hope … Continue reading


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A church is more than a program, a building or an event. Church is community. WE are the church. In order to BE the church, we need to pick a group of people who God has called us to do … Continue reading

The Heart of A Story

The Christmas season is all about giving, receiving and believing. We hope that you’ll rediscover the generosity of God, open your heart to receive his gift and unashamedly embrace his goodness. Welcome home.


We live in a day where we tend to over react or under react to feelings of guilt.  In this series we will discuss how to recognize “true” and “false” guilt and how to deal with those feelings according to God’s plans for our lives.




In Matthew 13, Jesus sums up the spiritual journey by telling a parable of a farmer who goes out to sow seed. In this four-week series, we’ll examine each of the soils Jesus describes, and what the condition of the soil means to our present day spiritual journey.


Crucial Conversations

Conflict is inevitable, difficult and sometimes even destructive. What if we knew how to process our differences in healthy ways? What if we had a better understanding of what we should be fighting about and how we should be fighting?